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My workshop is located in Bénéjacq (64, between Pau and Lourdes) and is open on appointment friday afternoon and weekends. Possibility for lodging on premise.

Classes in French or English. Tailored classes on demand.



These delicate embroidered balls are traditionnally given as present on the New Year. They are also perfect for Christmas or simply to decorate your interior.

In this class you will learn how to prepare the ball and divide it to plan your design. Then you will learn how to embroider two traditionnal pattersn: the chrysamthemum and the rose.

2 classes of 2h, or a single one of 4h, with 2 balls provided, 80 €. Coton DMC#8 3 euros per color (optional)

5 persons max

Adults or teenagers



1h, 18 €. Japanese silk 10 € (optional)

5 persons max

Adults and children > 8

Marudai: the basics

During this class I will present how to make a kumihimo braid on the marudai:

  • Thread preparation
  • Installation of the marudai
  • Simple thread manipulation
You will select one pattern with 8 tamas (bobins) and will create a bracelet.

Marudai: workshop

For beginners or to learn more advanced patterns, the class is adapted to the level of the participant. During this class we will work on several patterns, from 8 to 32 tamas depending on the level, and will learn more complex thread manipulations. Possibility to incorporate beads.

2 times 4h, 150 €. Japanese Kumihimo silk 10 € per braid (optional)

Individual class. Adults and children > 8. Possibility to handle a small group of same level students.


Takadai: the basics

In this class I will teach how to make a kumihimo braid on the takadai, using one level:

  • thread preparation
  • installation of the takadai
  • manipulation of the threads and sword
You will work on a flat braid, using one level of the takadai

2 times 4h, 160 €. Japanelse silk 40 € (optional)

Individual class. Adult


Takadai: double braids

Not for beginners. During this class we will work on a nimai-kurai gumi braid, 60 tamas, without edge stiches.

  • the theory
  • how to create and read the graph
  • hands-on practice

3 times 4h, 300 €. Silk yarn 30 euros (optional)

Individual class. Adult